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Speech corpus of Maghrebi varieties

Research on the linguistic heritage of the Maghreb

The CORVAM —Speech corpus of Maghrebi varieties— constitutes a valuable tool for the study of Arabic and Berber varieties in the Maghreb in terms of teaching and research and for the preservation of language and culture in the region.

This speech corpus is a result of the research team nhəḍṛu. Dialectología y sociolingüística del Magreb[1], and has been conducted at the University of Zaragoza with the participation of members from other universities and research institutes both from Spain and abroad.

[1] The CORVAM has been funded by the Spanish Economy and Competitiveness Ministry through these projects: Fronteras lingüísticas y factores sociales: perspectivas sincrónicas y diacrónicas de la región del Magreb (FFI 2011-26782-C02-01) y Patrimonio sociolingüístico en el Magreb: tradición oral y capital cultural (FFI 2014-54495-C2-1-P).